The Journalists

Courtney Weissman

“I am a sophomore Strategic Communications major with minors in Spanish and Business. For my contributions, I organized the website, gathered and edited the video pieces, and made the rollover graphic. My favorite part about creating Comedy Warriors was meeting some of MU’s funniest students, and getting to attend all of their hilarious performances.”

Jennifer Liu

“I’m a sophomore Magazine Editing major also studying Spanish and Textile and Apparel Management. For this project, I wrote the main text story, shot photo and video footage, edited audio of our interview with Dan Sheehan and helped with the website layout. My favorite part of this project, as it goes with any journalism assignment, was going out into the field and getting to know our subjects.”

Matthew Montoya

“I’m a sophomore going into Photojournalism. My contributions were shooting and editing the photos, creating the photo gallery for Comedy Warriors, and interviewing Dan Sheehan on becoming a comedian. Interviewing Dan was what I liked most about this project, I’m very interested in comedy so understanding what it’s like to start was a thrill for me.”


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